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After treatment feeling

It is common for people to experience a 'healing crisis' after treatments - do not panic, this is nowhere near as bad as it sounds! Everybody is affected differently, some will feel relaxed, others rejuvenated, however it is also possible to experience fatigue, anger or to be overly emotional.


We as human beings, especially in Britain, are renowned for 'putting a brave face on things'. By doing this we hold in our emotions and tensions, within the body, often without realising. Have you ever noticed your shoulder or lower back ache when you are stressed? Do you get a headache when rushed off your feet at work? These are classic symptoms of holding in your emotions, so it is no wonder that some people have strong reactions when these tensions are released. LET IT ALL OUT!


The word "Holistic" means "whole" so in other words, as a Holistic Therapist, I look at all of you, not just the area that may be causing pain or discomfort. When you come to see me for a treatment, it is ALL about YOU!

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